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JdG got better. A lot better.

It felt really, really packed.

Felicity is hilarious. And I’m okay with that being her role in this episode. Because it was levity based on what she’s experienced. There was continuity, she was competent, what more could you ask. I also wonder if they’re actively putting in little moments of anxiousness about Oliver (Save Oliver, Are you okay?, etc.) to juxtapose it with how perfectly chill she was about her own potential death last ep. These writers have the talent to do that, but they also don’t. Ya feel?

Oliver is a lying liar who lies. How Thea hasn’t figured that out, no one knows. And he gives shit ass advice. And dude. Roy backed off. He got shot in the fucking hand at point blank range and you’re gonna freak out about him going after the guy? For real? Also, don’t tell people they’re not alone when they are clearly alone. Ugh. He’s so sweet. And has this stupid ass huge heart. And is so fucking misguided I can’t even. Idiot.

Diggle is awesome. And I loved how he and Felicity were just 1000% done with Helena still. Even if I dig her and want her around next season. Or at least on an all girl spin off in 2 or 3 years.

Sara was awesome and dark and sometimes I have to admit that I kinda just want to pinch CL’s cheeks when she tries to do growly. Good effort but unless she’s physically kicking ass, she’s just not intimidating at all. Was I the only one who found the voice modulator completely ineffective? Cause dude. Maybe it was just my tv (I watched on a TV this week. It was not as cool as I thought it’d be).

Helena. I want to write her. Which means I’m probably not as done with writing angsty things as I had hoped. That’s disappointing. But I loved her reaction to her father dying. It felt super spot on. She’s not sad he’s dead. Not really. She’s sad she doesn’t feel different. And the part about her dad and Michael being in heaven and her being here alone. Twist the knife why don’t you?!

Oh Thea. You’re killing me, girl. Willa is so good, y’all. So good. If she doesn’t find out next week I’m going to shoot people. Also, I love, love that she saw through Roy’s act, but that she let him go anyway. Cause, duh.

I feel like Papa Lance now needs a mask of his own. Also, there’s no way he doesn’t know about Oliver. He just…there’s no way.

And finally, Laurel. Screwed over but fierce Laurel. Who still has such a long way to go and is probably making the mistake of her life by blackmailing the boss lady.

The writing on this show can be so, so good and then…so, so not. I kind of wish this was a 15 ep season. I think 22 eps a season is just too hard to keep stories tight and good and flowing and not stupid sometimes. Too many chances to throw too many balls in the air, and I like the balls. I do. I love some of them. But they get fumbled so often. *shrug*

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I loved this episode quite a bit. Yeah, it was jam-packed, but it was nicely balanced and the writing was meaty, and the story on the island tied in fabulously with Sara's character development. And Oliver and his terrible advice to Roy! Dude, I know you mean well and your heart is in the right place, but sometimes you are SUCH a doofus.

Apparently I am easy to please, 'cause despite their tiny screen time collectively, Felicity and Diggle snarking at Oliver and Helena made me ridiculously happy. See! I don't need schmoopy shipper scenes! I just want them to be a TEAM. Working together! And making fun of Oliver 'cause that never gets old.

Poor Thea. She is going to be so fucking furious when she finds out... everything. OMG. So many people lying to her about so many things! I am looking forward to her righteous fury, honestly.

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I'm basically just nodding my head to everything you say here. Yes. Good.

If Thea doesn't end up a superhero in her own right after all the shit she gets put through, I'm going to punch people. Or not. But that's something else.