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Hey you! Thank you so much for writing a story for me! I really appreciate it!

So my main thing is that I'm not terribly into smut. It's fine if it's there but I'm not usually chomping at the bit for it the way other people tend to be. So I'd prefer if it's not the bulk of the fic. But eh! That's a preference thing and I'll still be stoked no matter what you write because GIFTS!

Onto specifics.
The Flash! - I would love to see the science team either doing science or chillin' and being found family. I'm not the biggest fan of Caitlin/Barry but if that's your jam I'm sure it'll rock. I do enjoy Caitlin/Wells and a Cisco & Caitlin friendship/sibling-esque relationship. I just like the dynamic is what I'm saying. I also dig Barry/Irish AND Barry & Iris & Joe family dynamics but I know that I didn't include Iris or Joe in my request because they made me limit it to four. Go nuts is my point. If you want to include some Caitlin/Ronnie I'm cool with that, too. IF you don't even want to include Barry. Write a Flash story and I'll basically be stoked as long as the women don't hate each other and any jealousy on anyone's part is super downplayed.

Or maybe you're here for Meleficent!
I have a thing for family dynamics. So the Maleficent/Diaval & Aurora found family is super interesting to me. I'm also cool with there still being some residual angst or hurt on Maleficent's part. Just a dark smudge that she can't quite suppress. Not evil, but just...still working through the sadness. And having to deal with her wings being back. I dunno. Those are thoughts but I'm easy. Totally down for these three however you want to write them!

If you're here for Arrow RPF, oh boy.
This is where my Id is showing so much and it's a little embarrassing but as a friend said, Yuletide is totes an Id based challenge so here you go.

I want a Caity Lots & Emily Bett Rickards & Katrina Law friendship fic. Somethin' involving their dogs/cats. And maybe checking out hot dudes with babies. Cause that's where I'm at. If they make out that's okay too, but I'm not gunnin' for it. Light and fluffy is what I'm hoping for. But again, these are kinda what I have in my head but gifts make me happy and I don't look a gift horse in the mouth. I'm cool if other cast members make an appearance but only in an mad love all love kinda way. No cat fights, no negativity, just fun! Hope that's up your alley. Angst is okay too but again not for any sort of jealously related issues.

Or maybe you're here for Birds of Prey!
Dinah Lance and Helena Bertinelli being friends but with a kinda competitive relationship. Again, making out would not make me sad. Go nuts with this one. I have no clear idea of what I'm pining for other than just totally into seeing what you do. I'm cool with you bringing in other members of BoP/DCU.

Thank you again! I hope this was helpful and not restricting. Really, have fun, go nuts and know that gifts in general make me happy! Yay!