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posted by [personal profile] boofadil at 10:04pm on 15/10/2014
Oh show.

So lets start with

the ugly -

They actually put Sara in the fridge/freezer. I had to laugh as soon as I said it out loud to a friend. I just laughed hysterically because wow. Combine this with the dumpster imagery and someone somewhere needs to examine some things. Yes I'm still pissed that she died, yes the absolutely could have done all the broad strokes of the story lines another way but I can get past that. I can. And I know that there with the exact story they chose, putting her in cold storage makes the most sense, but you don't write in a vacuum, people. You don't. If you write for a comic book show and you literally put a heroine in the fridge after killing her off for the furtherment of other character's story lines...I'm just saying it's really, really hard for me to swallow.

That four seconds with Thea and Merlyn had my eyes rollin so hard. Oh Willa. I love you but this is not your strong suit. I'm hoping she gets better.

Mostly, Sara's still dead, they didn't tell the Captain, and things are still painfully predictable on this show that they keep calling shocking and such.

That's the ugly (for me)

The bad: I still have a hard time anytime KC has to play indignant or righteous anger. This has not endeared Laurel to me in the way I think they were hoping it was. I thought KC did a decent job tonight, more so than a lot of tumblr did, but I wasn't there and I blame that mostly on the storyline and writing than on KC, but a little bit on it just not being in her wheelhouse. YMMV.

On the flip side, also unlike a lot of tumblr, I wasn't so sold on EBR's stuff either. Again, maybe it was mostly a storyline issue. They didn't manage to make Ray any less creeptastic than last ep so I have a very, very hard time understanding Felicity's choice to go work for him when she could honestly do so many other things. It's like she's going from one dude who she built her life around to another who is actively trying to drag her into his (company). Not thrilled.

The good: Saving the best for last because I'm trying to engage in this whole thing from less of a rage standpoint than last week.

Felicity deciding that she didn't want to stay with Oliver down in the foundry was great. Bravo. Life really is too short. I can't tell if she's totes done with the foundry/arrow stuff all together or if she was just making a point that she needs a life outside of that too. I guess we'll see next week.

Diggle was his usual fabulous self. A few of the lines were weird and the naming the baby Sara had my eyes rolling like crazy but I more or less was on board with Diggle. Except as a midwife I take issue with him leaving Lyla in her immediate post partum period, even if Sara died. My priorities are my priorities. What can I say.

(back to bad for a second, I've never noticed the timeline being quite as jacked up as it was in this ep. it was glaringly obvious how much they messed with it. I blame the baby for me noticing since I rarely do. I can handwave, though.)

But the really, really, really good? Stephen Amell as Oliver Queen trying not to greave when he really, really needs to. That was mesmerizing and very, very well played. Also well played? That he's already seen in ep 2 that he wants and needs something to change. How they wrote Oliver with Roy. The stuff with him calling Thea (one positive for Willa is that I know that once she's back to playing opposite Amell, she'll get better. They've always played off each other so fucking well.)

Who knew that the dude in the first half of season one could pull this off, ya'll. If I wasn't already wanting to stick it out to see Nyssa again, his acting sold it so fucking well for me. It almost makes me believe him when he says "I wasn't wooden in the 1st few eps, Oliver was wooden."

I'm very on board to watching Oliver navigating this path.
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posted by [identity profile] at 04:59am on 16/10/2014
Hey, you were right, not quite as negative as last week! Honestly, I'm always interested in what you have to say, even when we have different takes on things.

They actually put Sara in the fridge/freezer

Ahaha OH GOD. *claws face* I didn't even realize it. And I feel bad for KC, I do. She's trying her best and this could be potentially interesting storyline, but she's going into this with so much of the fandom already against her, and the writing for and her acting are just not strong enough to sell me on this journey. I'm mostly just indifferent, I guess.

You know I like Ray a lot better than you do, and even for me, some of the stuff Ray pulled in this struck me as creeptastic, especially the Tech Village thing. UGH. The scene by the elevator saved it for me somewhat, but I sure hope they keep things professional for a while. Felicity needs to cut him down to his size frequently, and he needs to do some grovelling or something. (But I am weak and he is awfully tall and pretty. I know, I know! You don't care. :))

Stephen Amell, oh man. Who knew? And I'm looking forward to Oliver and Thea's reunion so much, and having my heart broken in a good way, and not in "show, you have failed this fandom!" way.

OK, now I really have to go to bed. :)
posted by [identity profile] at 09:20pm on 16/10/2014
I could be so onboard with the Ray stuff if they'd just fucking dial it back. But to me it read (unintentionally on their part but I can't get away from 8 years of working in domestic violence) like he was putting what he wanted above her telling him no. He sent her flowers which does not show professional interest to me, or at least not strictly, he's basically being a "Nice Guy." And then when she starts crying, instead of just saying, Oh man. I'm sorry. Go do your thing. He does the creepy, I know better than you, you're not really mad at ME, you're mad at this other thing and it'll get better. speech which just. Nope.

Nope, nope, nope.

Yeah, she was absolutely mad at all sorts of other things, but it was framed as her only choices being, she's mad at him OR she's mad at Sara dying. As if she couldn't be mad at both.

He's the kind of charming that my dad was. Which isn't a compliment. At all. He's basically the kind of charming that the princes in Into the Woods are. Also not a compliment.

And it's completely unintentional on the part of the writers. Completely. Which for me is a whole other world of bad. And since they've pulled all this other shit, I'm giving no leeway on this issue. Which is going to make the Felicity parts of the episodes not nearly as awesome as I want them to be for me. Bummer.

And now I've said my peace and will let you go on digging the dude. ;)

Oh man. Thea and Oliver back together with her hating him? It's going to give some amazing angst and heart break, yes. And despite Willa not being my fav actor on the show (or Barrowman for that matter and she's learning from him how to be villain-y. yay.) the way she and Amell spark off each other has always, from that first hug in the entry way of the mansion, been one of the highlights of the show for me. They give great sibling. I'm looking forward to them giving great angst and anger.


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