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Birthdate:Mar 30
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Age Statement: I was born in 1981. That should cover that, yes?

I'm kinda a mixed bag.

I'm a Calvinist which either means nothing to you or makes you think I'm nuts.

I was starting to dig the comic book thing, but it was way too expensive to keep up with. And now I've fallen head first back into it. Mostly Marvel stuff, mostly Avengers related titles, but also Ghost, Saga, Stumptown and maybe I'll get back into Fables.

I like to write boring fic and buy books that I'll never read.

I like all kinds of music but I like "americana" the best. Whatever that means.

My speech patterns tend to mix Buffy-speak with Bartletisms and if you throw in a little random Farscape profanity and an Ainsley/Meredith-like ability to screw up any sentence.

I'm absolutely addicted to abusing ellipses and parentheses and interobangs.

I can't spell (but I can use spell check) and capital letters have only recently found their way into my lj.

I've been told that I drive people nuts with my constant need to qualify everything I say. I like to tell them to shut up in the best way possible.

I friend and de-friend on a whim and based on anything and everything. It doesn't mean I hate you, though it's possible you drive me nuts. But really, if I like you and I was doing it in a misguided attempt to manage my time better, then there's a huge chance you'll be added back in a couple of days. I'm fickle.

Every day is De-Friending Amnesty Day here in boofadil land. I promise I won't get butthurt if you decide to move on.
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